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Custom Painted Super Nintendo Console - Component / RGB Modded

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Cirka "S91" Controller
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This Super Nintendo Console has been modified to add "Component" (YPbPr RGB) outputs to the back of the system.  These outputs will allow you hook up the SNES to newer TV's and will look sharper and brighter than the original composite (yellow wire) hookup.  Audio still comes from the normal A/V cable.  The console has been custom painted, currently coming in Gray, Black, or Purple.  We also offer Custom LED power lights, with choices of Blue, Green, and Purple.  These are used consoles which have been thoroughly tested, but may have some minor nicks/chips/blemishes.  If you would like pictures of the actual system you will receive before it ships, email us at support@stoneagegamer.com.  Please note that the component jacks will be located on the back of the console, on the opposite side from the original cables.  Depending on the motherboard version the component jacks may be placed on the lower piece of the console, or on the higher piece in some cases.  Most modern LCD TV's will be able to handle the 240p signal the SNES puts out over component, but you will want to check your particular model to make sure it will support this signal as some do not support it (we cannot cover shipping costs for returns due to incompatible displays).  We provide a 90 day warranty for these used consoles.
  • Original SNES Console
  • Custom Painted (Color choices of gray, purple, black)
  • Component Output Jacks added to back of console
  • Component (RGB/YPbPr) Cable
  • Standard A/V cable (for sound)


  • Cirka "S91" or Original OEM SNES controller
  • 3-in-1 AC Adapter (also works on NES / Genesis) or Original used SNES version
  • Custom Color LED for power button


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