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Mega EverDrive Front Label

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This is a cartridge label for the Mega EverDrive. These labels are made of vinyl, which is then laminated and machine cut.

How to apply:
  1. Make sure plastic surface of cart is clean of all residue, oil, dirt, and debris.
  2. Peel backing off label.
  3. Apply to front of cart lightly. Do NOT wrap around top at this time (that is done in step 6).
  4. Press firmly from bottom center of label and move up.
  5. Now press firmly from center outwards to sides of label until entire front is stuck on firmly. This helps prevent air bubbles.
  6. Use blow dryer or heat gun and apply light heat to top wrap around area. Do NOT melt.
  7. Label will be slightly more malleable, now wrap around top firmly.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer refunds or replacements to customer who accidently apply the label incorrectly or poorly. We suggest following the instructions above and using your best judgement when applying these labels.

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