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Mobile N64 Wireless Controller (Retro-bit/8bitdo)

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PLEASE READ: This controller is for use on your bluetooth enabled device. It is NOT compatible with the SNES system or any famiclone system.
Unleash all your nostalgia with the Mobile 8bitdo Controller! Replicated to the same accurate and comfortable feel as the way you remember it, simply plug in this ‘blast from the past’ and enjoy all your favorite games on your mobile device.

Product Features
  • Compatible with: Computing and mobile touch devices (PC/MAC ® , iOS, Android ® )
  • Compatible with: NES ® and Super Retro ® TRIO with retro receiver (sold separately)
  • Supports Bluetooth ® and USB ® connection
  • Dual mode options: Joystick or touch screen simulator
  • Built-in 480mAh Lithium-ion battery supporting up to 10 hours of gameplay
  • Upgradeable firmware and programmable keys
  • 6 foot USB ® cable
  • Exclusive collectors keychain

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