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PS-X-Change 2

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PlayStation PS-X-Change CD v2 (NTSC)! This revolutionary new CD device allows you to play backups and imports on your PlayStation or PS-one?. Simply load the CD and when prompted put in your imported CD or backup and hit start. That's it.\
Since with a modchip, you must install it internally. Basically this means you must take your console apart and physically install the modchip by using a soldering iron. First, not many people know how to solder. Second, if you screw up while soldering, you may render your console useless. Third, the warranty on your console is void when you install a modchip. With the PS-X-Change, using it is easy as 1, 2, 3! No soldering is needed! Even a child can use it. If you can insert a regular game disc into the console, then you can use the PS-X-Change. Plus you do not need to take your console apart so the warranty on your console is kept intact!
It's also build-in Cheat code function, enable u to use Action Replay and GameShark code. So u can cheat games easily
For the PS-X-Change, It comes in DVD style box with high gloss cover!
The anti-mod code lets you play those games on the market which actually detect if your console has been modified.
The PS-X-Change comes with a spring (for use with PlayStation) and a PVC Card (PSone?) which are fitted first.
Installation the PVC card inside the PSone?
- Peel off the cover from the PVC card. - Press the OPEN button and you will see slot A - Don't release the OPEN button until you slip the small end of the PVC card into slot A - Place the adhesive side of the PVC card properly
Installation the spring inside the PlayStation
- Open the PlayStation's lid. - Place the bottom metal part of the spring into the circular knob. - Fix the head of the spring into the pointer rod.
Using the PS-X-Change to play backups and imports
- Switch off you PS Console and insert the PS-X-Change CD. - Switch on your PS console and wait for the screen on the left load. - Remove the PS-X-Change CD - Insert the back-up or import you wish to play. (you can either close the lid or leave it open) - The game will now run.
These are the models have shown some symptoms of not working: SCPH-1000,1001,1002. Japanese PlayStations. The model number can usually be found on the bottom of the unit. And it works on all the rest of the model.

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