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PLEASE NOTE: Due to how these are shipped from Germany, some of the boxes the Retrode come in may be torn or ripped. Do NOT order this product if this is an issue. The Retrode units are brand new and in brand new condition, but the boxes may be ripped or torn.
The Retrode is the world’s best USB adapter for vintage video games. Play your 16-bit console games on your computer/cell phone/tablet/whatnot, using your original cartridges and controllers! 
What’s needed?
  • Game cartridges
  • Emulators for SNES/SFC and Genesis/Mega Drive: SNES9x, ZSNES, Gens, Fusion, …
  • A computer with a USB port, running any of the above (Windows/Linux/MacOS/*NIX)
  • A Retrode
The Retrode is for you if…
  • you like playing legacy video games on your PC, and doing so legally
  • you want to preserve your investment in these games, even after all hardware has expired
  • you want to back up your game progress, e.g. before replacing the cartridge battery
  • you like emulator cheats, but prefer to finish the boss on the real console
  • you simply think it’s cool to plug huge game cartridges into a PDA or cell phone
The Retrode is not for you if… you don’t see the difference between making private backup copies of games that you own, and downloading 10,000 ROMs from the internet.
  • Cartridge slots for Sega Genesis/MD and Nintendo SNES/SFC games. Access ROM (program/data) and SRAM (savegames)! Custom-made connectors of video game quality.
  • 2×2 ports for Sega and SNES controllers.
  • USB 2.0 Full-Speed composite device for driverless operation under any OS, using any emulator.
  • Easy to use, configure and update.
  • Expandable using plug-in adapters. (coming soon...)
  • Made in Germany.
  • Dimensions and weight: 162mm x 80mm x 42mm, 200g (6.4″ x 3.2″ x 1.7″, 0.4lbs)
PLEASE READ: Stone Age Gamer does NOT offer technical support on the Retrode or game emulators. For support on your Retrode unit please goto: Retrode.org. Any game carts or controllers pictured are NOT included.

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This works great! It does its intended purpose perfectly. The only problem I had is that for the connection to the computer to be established, it required me to hold the usb cable in just the right position on the Retrode device.


Very good product. Sure, you can just download ROMs to play. However, this is worthwhile for 3 main reasons. 1) It is legal, 2) You technically get 4 USB converter ports (2 for Genesis, 2 for SNES), and 3) You can back up your game saves before your battery backup dies. Plus it's pretty compact and cool looking!


This is such a wonderful device. If you ever wanted to play your games legit on a pc or any usb device this is the way to go. With this unit you are able to play SNES/Super Famicom and MegaDrive/Genesis and even grab your precious game saves from it.

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