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SD2SNES (Deluxe Edition)

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Build Your SD2SNES (Deluxe Edition)

Select SD2SNES Shell
* Gray JP/EU shells have light gray vinyl coating added.
JP/EU shell styles colors are limited to: Gray, Ultra Purple or Pitch Black.
Select SD2SNES Front Label / Light Pipes
Make sure label region matches shell region.
Adding light pipes may add up to 3 extra business days to production. Light pipes are not suggested for transparent shell styles.
Select Cart Shell Screws
Select SD2SNES SD Card
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  • 2 Year Extended Warranty (3 Years Total)‡
  • No Extra Cost for Most Basic Upgrades
  • Protective BitBox® Case w/Color Insert
  • Deluxe Gold Foil Back Label
  • Printed Manual
  • Includes USB Cover + Other Goodies

‡ See Complete Edition Comparison for Details

Ever dream of having your whole library of SNES / Super Famicom games in a single cartridge? The SD2SNES allows you to load your game back-ups (commonly known as ROMs) on an SD card, put the SD card into the SD2SNES, put the SD2SNES into a SNES / SFC and have your list of games at your finger tips.

What comes with the Deluxe Edition?

The Deluxe Edition, by default, comes with the PCB (circuit board) pre-installed into a shell color of your choice. If you just want the Deluxe Upgrade Kit, then please remove the PCB from the product. Unlike the Basic Edition the Deluxe comes with a case, better label, gold back label, rubber USB cover, manuals, and stickers. This is for the customer who wants a more complete and polished product they can put on their shelf.

  • SD/SDHC/SDXC support (tested up to 64GB; no exFAT support so SDXC cards must be reformatted using FAT32)
  • High quality push-push memory card slot
  • Fast ROM loading (~9MB/s)
  • Fast menu navigation
  • Directories are sorted automatically, no need for FAT sorting tools
  • High resolution menu (512×224) for adequate display of long file names
  • Real Time Clock
  • Supports ROM size up to 128MBit (96Mbit actually implemented)
  • Automatic near-time SRAM saving to SD Card (while the game runs). Some limitations apply:
    • near-time saving is switched to periodic saving when a game is found to use the SRAM as work RAM.
    • Automatic saving is disabled when MSU1 is used. SRAM is saved on reset.
  • Enhancement chip support (see below for implementation status)
    • BS-X memory map / Satellaview base unit registers (clock)
    • DSP1 / 1b
    • DSP2
    • DSP3
    • DSP4
    • ST-010
    • Cx4
    • MSU1 (Each supported enhancement chip can be used in conjunction with MSU1.)
    • S-RTC
  • SuperCIC key (SNES CIC clone):
    • enables operation on unmodified consoles of all regions
    • supports software 50/60Hz switching on SuperCIC enhanced consoles only (to be performed by sd2snes firmware, not yet implemented there)
  • Auto region patching: eliminates “This Game Pak is not designed…" messages regardless of 50/60Hz setting
  • A few things that may be added via Firmware updates in the future:
    • GSU-1/2 (SuperFX)
    • Action Replay/Game Genie code support
    • SPC7110
    • and more...
PLEASE READ: The SD2SNES is designed to work on original SNES/SFC hardware. We can not guarantee it will work on any clone hardware.


Have you done a review, overview or unboxing video of this product?
E-mail us the link: support@stoneagegamer.com

SD2SNES Firmware 0.1.7e (NEWEST) (sd2snes_firmware_v0.1.7e.zip, 296 Kb) [Download]

SD2SNES Firmware 0.1.7d (sd2snes_firmware_v0.1.7d.zip, 298 Kb) [Download]

SD2SNES Firmware 0.1.7c (sd2snes_firmware_v0.1.7c.zip, 301 Kb) [Download]

SD2SNES Firmware 0.1.7b (sd2snes_firmware_v0.1.7b.zip, 296 Kb) [Download]

Read Me (ReadMe.txt, 0 Kb) [Download]

DSP-1 BIOS (dsp1.bin, 8 Kb) [Download]

DSP-1b BIOS (dsp1b.bin, 8 Kb) [Download]

DSP-2 BIOS (dsp2.bin, 8 Kb) [Download]

DSP-3 BIOS (dsp3.bin, 8 Kb) [Download]

DSP-4 BIOS (dsp4.bin, 8 Kb) [Download]

CX4 BIOS (cx4.bin, 3 Kb) [Download]

ST0010 BIOS (st0010.bin, 52 Kb) [Download]

ST0011 BIOS (st0011.bin, 52 Kb) [Download]

BSX BIOS (bsxbios.bin, 1,024 Kb) [Download]

BSX Page File (bsxpage.bin, 512 Kb) [Download]

Worth the investment, also excellent build quality. This is the one!
Perfect in every way. This is the one you want! The build quility is second to none and it loads games on the fly. My only gripe is that you can't customize the menu background YET. Hopefully the firmware will be updated with that capability.

This Flash cartridge is excellent for the variety of games it can play and the excellent menu system. I removed a start because its so finicky and sensitive. I have gotten games to freeze by literally just blowing on the cartridge.
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What is a flash cart?

A flash cart allows you to take game back-up files (commonly referred to as ROMs), put them on an SD card, put the SD card into the flash cart and then access the list of game files from your console.

Will flash carts work on clone systems like the Super Retro Trio or the RetroN5?

The answer is: maybe. Sometimes flash carts will operate on clone systems, but we can not guarantee it. Currently there is no flash cart known to work on the RetroN5.

What are the main differences between the Super EverDrive and the SD2SNES?

The main differences is the SD2SNES supports more enhancement chips than the Super EverDrive. The base Super EverDrive does not support any enhancement chips, where as the Super EverDrive PCB with DSP support does support DSP1/2/3/4 games. The SD2SNES not only supports DSP1/2/3/4 but also supports: BS-X, Cx4, ST-010, MSU1, and S-RTC.

Where can I download the necessary OS files for this flash cart?

Click the "DOWNLOADS" tab above.