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SNES Controller (TTX Tech)

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Want to relive the classic days of gaming's past, when "online" was for laundry and "pwn" was a chess piece? The retro controller works seamlessly with your Super Nintendo or Super Famicom for hours of old school fun. Or plug it into your Retro-Duo system to enjoy your SNES and classic 8-bit NES games!
Product Features:
  • Features all 6 controller buttons including L and R shoulder buttons.
  • Use it to play all of your favorite classics including Super Mario World, F-Zero, Mortal Kombat, and More!
  • Compatible with all SNES and RetroDuo system.


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This controller is very light and feels cheap. The face buttons feel cheap too but they all work fine. The shoulder buttons feel solid though. Despite the cheap lightweight feeling of it, this is actually a great 3rd party controller. The most crucial part, the D-Pad, is perfect! For that I give it 5 stars because it is very hard to find a 3rd party controller with a functioning D-Pad. Definitely pick this up if you need some extra SNES controllers. Just try not to throw this controller when getting angry at a game, it might not withstand.
Joshua Duquette is right. This is so far one of the best third party SNES controllers I have ever laid hands on. For the money, it's worth it. Even if it was a bad item, it's only a few dollars. The D-Pad, as well as the buttons, feel good and almost feel like an OG SNES controller. Of course, nothing beats the OG SNES controller, but this is close! A must try if you are in the market for an SNES controller!
This is by far the BEST replacement SNES controller you could find. I own 2 and I found them to be of superb build quality. The plastic is a little on the light side but the D-Pad is fantastic and all the buttons feel authentic. Highly recommended.
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