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SNES Controller (TTX Tech)



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Want to relive the classic days of gaming's past, when "online" was for laundry and "pwn" was a chess piece? The retro controller works seamlessly with your Super Nintendo or Super Famicom for hours of old school fun. Or plug it into your Retro-Duo system to enjoy your SNES and classic 8-bit NES games!
Product Features:
  • Features all 6 controller buttons including L and R shoulder buttons.
  • Use it to play all of your favorite classics including Super Mario World, F-Zero, Mortal Kombat, and More!
  • Compatible with all SNES and RetroDuo system.


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Joshua Duquette is right. This is so far one of the best third party SNES controllers I have ever laid hands on. For the money, it's worth it. Even if it was a bad item, it's only a few dollars. The D-Pad, as well as the buttons, feel good and almost feel like an OG SNES controller. Of course, nothing beats the OG SNES controller, but this is close! A must try if you are in the market for an SNES controller!


This is by far the BEST replacement SNES controller you could find. I own 2 and I found them to be of superb build quality. The plastic is a little on the light side but the D-Pad is fantastic and all the buttons feel authentic. Highly recommended.

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