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Ultra CD Backup RAM Cart (Sega CD/Mega CD)

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This RAM Cart has a whopping 8189 blocks of memory. This is 4 times the save space allotted by the original Sega Backup RAM Cart and is 65 times the Sega CD internal memory. The Ultra CD Backup RAM Cart contains one low-power CMOS 512K x 8 Static RAM powered by a 3V lithium battery. Comes with a BitBox case with insert..


  • 8189 Blocks of Memory
  • Easily replaceable internal battery (should last about 13 years)
  • Works on:
    • Genesis Model 1 w/Sega CD Model 1 or Model 2
    • Genesis Model 2 w/Sega CD Model 1 or Model 2
    • Mega-drive Model 1 w/Mega CD Model 1 or Model 2
    • Mega-drive Model 2 w/Mega CD Model 1 or Model 2
    • Sega CDX / Multi-mega
    • X'eye / WonderMega
  • Side notch for Japanese Mega-drive Model 1 support
  • PCB designed and assembled in Canada, cartridge assembled in U.S.A.

Please Note:  We no longer  have the region free shell with the side-notch.  Shell will be a normal US version.

Includes memory cartridge only. Does not include video game system.

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Got mine in less than 7 days i live in canada that's fast as shit it works great:)
a must for sega fans
Once again Stone Age Gamer has come through with an awesome product. Second time placing order from them. This Ultra CD Backup is working perfectly on my model 1 genesis non HD ,(with the good sound chip) with model 1 Sega CD, and 32x. Now finally Shining Force CD is open to the full menu options, and able to access bonus levels (books) of the game having appropriate save storage!!! Just what I needed. Now I will have of storage as for playing other games as well.

Very nice cart, fits well. I really love the label they created for this cart as well!
Works wonderfully and is a well made cart. And contrary to the description, it does in fact work with the 32X attached, as does the official Backup RAM cart.
I just recieved mine and went to start Shining Force CD, It works great with my CDX/32X combo. I had been eyeing an original backup cart for years and even considered seeing if a japanese import would work to save on cost.
Luckily db Electronics came along with a bigger cart at a great price. Thanks Stone Age Gamer...
I got mine surprisingly early - December 31st! First, let me say, it works AMAZINGLY. I copied saves over to it and it works absolutely as intended. Being able to play more than essentially only one game at a time on the SCD is a thing of the past for me.
One note - If you are using a 32X in conjunction with this item, it will not work. This is not due to defect of the product but due to a memory address conflict that Sega had not planned for. Simply disconnect your 32X and play as normal and it will work flawlessly!
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