Episode 184:
Maybe I Gotta
Drool More

Amazon® Gift Card Exchange

Amazon to Stone Age Gamer

Stone Age Gamer allows customers to exchange unused Amazon® Gift Cards for Stone Age Gamer Gift Codes. The exchange rate is one to one. Meaning if you exchange an Amazon® Gift Card worth $100.00 you will receive a Stone Age Gamer Gift Code worth $100.00.

How it Works:

  1. You submit the Amazon® Gift Card form below.
  2. Stone Age Gamer staff will verify and redeem gift code.
  3. Stone Age Gamer will then issue a gift code that can be used on StoneAgeGamer.com for the exact value of your Amazon® Gift Card. The whole process should take no longer than one business day.


  • Amazon® Gift Card MUST work on the U.S. Amazon.com website. Amazon® Gift Cards purchased through other Amazon® sites like Amazon.co.jp may not work.
  • Amazon® Gift Card must not be used and must not already be applied to an account.
  • The value entered below must match the value of the card, otherwise the card will be rejected.
  • The largest Amazon® Gift Card we will accept is $500.00. Anything larger will be declined.
  • We cannot accept fractions of a gift card's value. For example if you have a $100 gift card, you can only get a $100 Stone Age Gamer Gift Code. We cannot give you a $50 Stone Age Gamer Gift Code and leave $50 on the Amazon® Gift Card.

WARNING: Once a gift code has been submitted Stone Age Gamer will only exchange it for a Stone Age Gamer Gift Code (store credit). Stone Age Gamer cannot refund the Amazon® Gift Card, nor will it refund the value in cash. ALL EXCHANGES ARE FINAL.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.