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EverDrive-N8 (Deluxe Edition) [NES]

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Build Your EverDrive-N8 (Deluxe Edition):

Select EverDrive-N8 (NES) Shell
* Gold (Un-coated) is molded plastic with shiny specks added, this can cause some swirling patterns in plastic.
Select EverDrive-N8 (NES) Front Label
Select Cart Shell Screws
Select N8 SD Card
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  • 2 Year Extended Warranty (3 Years Total)‡
  • No Extra Cost for Most Basic Upgrades
  • Protective BitBox® Case w/Color Insert
  • Deluxe Gold Foil Back Label
  • Printed Manual
  • Controller Overlay + Other Goodies

‡ See Complete Edition Comparison for Details

ANALOG NT OWNERS: This product has known issues with the Analog NT.

Ever dream of having your whole library of NES in a single cartridge? The EverDrive-N8 (NES) allows you to load your game back-ups (commonly known as ROMs) on a SD card, put the SD card into the EverDrive-N8, put the EverDrive-N8 into an NES and have your list of games at your finger tips.

What comes with the Deluxe Edition?

The Deluxe Edition, by default, comes with the PCB (circuit board) pre-installed into a shell color of your choice. If you just want the Deluxe Upgrade Kit, then please remove the PCB from the product. Unlike the Basic Edition the Deluxe comes with a case, better label, gold back label, manuals, stickers, and 1 controller overlay. This is for the customer who wants a more complete and polished product they can put on their shelf.

EverdDrive-N8 Features:
  • NES, Famicom, and Twin Famicom systems are supported.* Many NES/FC clones supported as well.
  • Cart supports NES and FDS ROM images.
  • Automatic disk side swap for FDS.
  • Expansion audio.**
  • Game Genie cheat code support.
  • Automatically backs-up saves to SD card. There is no need to push reset before shutting down the system.
  • Mapper support can be extended via software updates. As easy as loading new mappers files on SD card.
  • FAT / FAT16 / FAT32 file system formats are supported.
  • Supports SD (SD & SDHC) cards up to 32GB.
  • Quick loading of game files (approx. 4-8 seconds).
EverDrive-N8 hardware:
  • Powerful Cyclone II FPGA.
  • 2 x 512Kbyte SRAM for PRG and CHR data.
  • 128Kbyte battery backed memory. It write save data to SD.
  • Max II CPLD to handle FPGA reconfiguration, BIOS, SD and USB interfaces.
  • 1Mbyte flash BIOS.
  • Voltage shift buffers on PPU and CPU bus for matching levels between 5v NES bus and 3.3 EverDrive bus. Far better than simple resistor buffers at reducing noise and power consumption.
* Famicom version of cart requires Famicom to NES adapter to be used with NES. NES version of cart requires NES to Famicom adapter to be used with Famicom.
** Only Famicom can output expansion sound without modification. NES systems require modification to support this feature.
FDS is the only exception, user should push the reset button on system to get back to main menu before than shutting down the system, otherwise FDS save data will be lost.

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EverDrive-N8 (OS v13) [NEWEST] (nesos-v13.zip, 700 Kb) [Download]

Change List (changelist.txt, 3 Kb) [Download]

About BIOS (about_bios.txt, 0 Kb) [Download]

Disk Layout (disk_setup.gif, 21 Kb) [Download]

Read Me (readme.txt, 0 Kb) [Download]

Older OSs (Older_OS.zip, 2,580 Kb) [Download]

There is no better flash cart for the NES, this is a masterpiece.
The Everdrive N8 is a great piece of hardware. I purchased my N8 a few months ago and had no issues...until it stopped working. I let krikzz know what was happening (via his website) and I sent it out for repair. I got it back shortly (2 weeks) after and everything is in working order. Krikzz makes a great product and the Deluxe Edition stone age sells is great!
No issues as long as you're using clean ROMs. issues with some 'hacked' ROMs. Very nice cart for people who want to play NES games on actual NES hardware.
I Honestly Don't Own One Of These, But I Really Want One! I Watched Reviews Of These And They Are Epic!
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Where can I download the necessary OS files for this flash cart?

Click the "DOWNLOADS" tab above.

Will flash carts work on clone systems like the Super Retro Trio or the RetroN5?

The answer is: maybe. Sometimes flash carts will operate on clone systems, but we can not guarantee it. Currently there is no flash cart known to work on the RetroN5.

What is a flash cart?

A flash cart allows you to take game back-up files (commonly referred to as ROMs), put them on an SD card, put the SD card into the flash cart and then access the list of game files from your console.