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PowerBase Mini FM

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A brand new, smaller alternative to the original Power Base Converter with mod-less FM sound support. Comes with BitBox case and insert. Check out the difference between FM sound and the regular Master System sound here:


  • Mini size that fits in any official Genesis / Mega-drive system† (does not work with JVC X'eye)
  • FM sound support! FM sound can be disabled by holding Pause button while powering on system.
  • Red colored shell
  • May work on some clone systems, but not guaranteed.* This will NOT work on the RetroN5. The RetroN5 has its own FM sound emulator with later OS updates. If you want to use your Master System carts on your RetroN5 please purchase a regular PowerBase Mini.
  • Pause Button
  • Supports Master System carts**

FM Sound Supported Games (red have not been tested on the PBM FM):

  • After Burner
  • Alex Kidd BMX Trial
  • Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars
  • Alien Syndrome
  • Altered Beast
  • Aztec Adventure
  • Blade Eagle 3D
  • Bomber Raid
  • California Games
  • Captain Silver
  • Casino Games
  • Cloud Master
  • Cyborg Hunter
  • Double Dragon
  • Fantasy Zone II
  • Fantasy Zone - The Maze
  • Galaxy Force
  • Global Defence
  • Golvellius
  • Great Golf (Jap ver only)
  • Kenseiden
  • Lord of the Sword
  • Miracle Warriors
  • Mnica - No Castelo do Dragao
  • OutRun
  • Parlour Games
  • Phantasy Star (Jap ver only)
  • Poseidon Wars 3D
  • Power Strike
  • Rampage
  • Rastan
  • Rescue Mission
  • R-Type
  • Scramble Spirits
  • Shinobi
  • Space Harrier 3D
  • Spell Caster
  • Thunder Blade
  • Tri Formation
  • Time Soldiers
  • Ultima IV
  • Vigilante
  • WonderBoy in Monster Land
  • WonderBoy III
  • Ys
  • Zaxxon 3D
† Nomad and Genesis 3 requires modification to work with Master System games. Does not work with with 32X attached. (See Nomad mod HERE)

* We do not guarantee operation on any specific clone hardware.

** Does NOT support Master System card games or any accessory that requires the card slot.

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Excellent Product!!!! I am using with my SMS Everdrive on my model 1 Genesis with composite cables on a 24" Sony Wega Trinitron CRT. Now I can experience all of those SMS games in of their full sound glory with out any expensive modifications to my SMS console.
This product has made me rediscover my love of all my old SMS games again! Just using it for Double Dragon, Outrun & Shinobi is worth it! It's a shame Sega didn't include FM as even an option in North American consoles. This is a MUST buy!
Excellent product! Being able to play the FM tunes on games that support it is amazing! It really is a must have for Phantasy Star, Double Dragon, Outrun, and more, as the FM tunes are so much better!
Works as it should. Sounds are amazing compared to the original bip and bloops. You need this if you own at least 3 of the games on the compatibility list then you are going to want them all!!!
You can hear trumpets and bells and whistles when it's attached to your games. Amazing piece of equipment guys!
Out-Of-Stock!? Need more for the masses; what a great product!
Tried it in both a Genesis and a Retron 5, works like a charm with all my Master System games! Excellent product.
Does it work when plugged into a 32X ?
Will this work with the RetroGen adapter?
I have been using this with my Retron 5 and my favorite SMS game Phantasy Star. Works like a charm!
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