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PowerBase Mini

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A brand new, smaller alternative to the original Power Base Converter. Comes in BitBox case with insert.


  • Mini size that fits in any official Genesis / Mega-drive system
  • Works in some clones, including the RetroN5 and Retro Freak*
  • Pause Button
  • Supports Master System carts**

† Nomad and Genesis 3 requires modification to work with Master System games. (See Nomad mod HERE)

* We do not guarantee operation on any specific clone hardware, except the the RetroN5 and Retro Freak.

** Does NOT support Master System card games or any accessory that requires the card slot.

RetroN5 CompatibleRetro Freak Compatible



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Mr Nathan I will not work plugged into the 32X since the 32X hardware hinds the chips this looks for.

Mr George I haven't tryied or konw of anyone who did I say may be.
Tried it in both a Genesis and a Retron 5, works like a charm with all my Master System games! Excellent product.
Does it work when plugged into a 32X ?
Will this work with the RetroGen adapter?
I have been using this with my Retron 5 and my favorite SMS game Phantasy Star. Works like a charm!
I was hoping it would work in my JVC x'eye & it did playing Sega Master System ROMs on my JVC x'eye.
i tested with master everdrive in genesis 2, runs ok
As own the old SEGA unit I plan to get this ASAP since so I can use it on the Retron 5 wean I get it. There's reports that that this and old SEGA version works with the RetroGen adapter on the SNES "I don't know it's fact".
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